Rafael Berber

Rafael Berber

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

RP Capital Group

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About Rafael Berber

Rafael Berber is Chief Executive Officer of RP Capital Group, an investment company he co-founded. Previously, he was the International Head of Merrill Lynch’s Equity-linked Products Group along with its Equity Trading division. In that position, he helped develop emerging business markets. 

Rafael Berber received his formal education at Tel Aviv University, where he earned a BA. He continued his studies at New York University and graduated with an MBA in Finance with Distinction. 

RP Capital Group, established in 2004, invests in public equity as well as international alternative markets. It provides investment services to varied markets, including institutional investors, pooled investment groups and private individuals of high net worth. The focus of its services lies in negotiating, originating and managing alternative private investments. It does everything from originating transactions, following through with negotiations and providing oversight for investment opportunities. 

RP Capital also supports the Prince’s Trust, a charitable organization founded by Prince Charles to help young, disadvantaged people enjoy better lives. The Trust creates practical training programmes that teach social skills and provide motivation to people ranging from age 13 to 30. RP Capital is also involved with the Prince's Trust Invest in Futures Committee, which is another initiative that helps young people become economically stable. 

Additionally, RP Capital sponsors an educational charity called Debate Mate. Debate Mate run after school debating clubs in areas of high child poverty, encouraging disadvantaged young people to obtain the skills to become exceptional young leaders. The debating clubs are facilitated by students at universities. 

Investment strategies in emerging markets

The emerging markets of Eastern Europe, India, Africa and the Middle East offer incredible opportunities for institutional and individual investors looking for long-term investment opportunities. Here are a few reasons. The International Monetary Fund estimates that the economies of emerging nations will grow two to three times faster than those of developed nations. Higher economic growth leads to enhanced corporate profits that yield good return for investors in a much shorter length of time. The populations of emerging nations are younger and their natural resources more abundant. For instance, China, India, Brazil and Russia generate 22% of the world’s GDP. Few developing countries carry debt of more than 50% of GDP. Their workforce is growing and with abundant supplies of minerals and crops, they are in a much better position to channel their growth into private investment. Emerging economies are also more diversified and therefore they tend to weather the volatility of western markets, such as the United States. Share prices are extremely low compared to book value. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index, was trading in April at a price-to-book ratio of below 1.5. This makes for an attractive entry point for long term investors.

But, there are risks and this is why it is very important to turn to the guidanceof established financial services and investment firms. Political turmoil is the most common risk factor. Political unrest can complicate currency valuation, and since net returns are cashed out in the local currency, investing where there is a strong and stable currency market is going to be key. Political unrest can also lead to privatization of vast sectors of the economy. An experienced investment firm is staffed with researchers and analysts who have their hands on the pulse of political and cultural developments in the key emerging markets thereby ensuring the safety of your investment.

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RP Capital is and Advisory business, focused on emerging markets, combines extensive experience with expertise in international and local financial markets providing exceptional advisory services to institutions, private clients and governments.

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